USD 55 - One Ad in any Category displayed for One whole Year.

delabs Mint is a B2B Electronics Engineering and Industrial Marketplace. The Site has SSL https:// which means your activities in this website are private and secure. At present it is configured as a Yellow Pages for Industrial and Electronics listings; the Advt. can be of a Product, Firm, Organization, Brand or Event.

Important Terms

Selling and Buying in "delabs Mint" - - is at your own risk. delabs manages this application in a Private and Secure fashion but is not responsible for the business transaction, delivery or quality of product or services of the customer, vendor, trader or firm.

Users should register with a valid email. The Buyer and Seller should take full risk and responsibility of the transactions and communicate with each other directly for Deliveries, Quality, Returns or Warranty. Communicate to ensure customer satisfaction. Use the messaging interface in user profile.


Ads have to related to Electronics and Engineering Products. Can be Mechanical or Electrical too. In can include products and services related to STEM. Computer and Software, Gadgets and Gizmos too. (STEM - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.).

If you need a new Category, Post Ad in the "Main" Category and mention the Category you want. We may correct your Language for Spelling, Syntax and Grammar. Ads Have to be clean and Family Friendly. Ads can be Renewed anytime.


Presently you can Indicate in your Advt. these payment methods. COD, POD etc. Buyer communicates with the Seller; payment and delivery methods are discussed.

delabs has to be paid by PayPal to post Ads here. Post your Ad, wait for our message with payment details and then make a payment to Activate your Ad.


USD 55 - One Ad in any Category displayed for One whole Year.

Rates could be Revised anytime. Payments on Paypal only. Post Ad and wait for our response.

delabs Technologies  is maintaining this for the Electronics Engineering Community.


Want to build an abridged product catalog and post Ads in Appropriate category. You can add, delete or modify your listings whenever you want. We can also provide an additional Company Category for you, like "Acme Instruments". An Yearly fee of 1200 USD and a Limit of 50 Ads or Listings.