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There is an increasing number of online PCB prototype companies in recent years, and the price is getting lower and lower, which is definitely good news for electronic enthusiast. So which company can offer the most cost-effective service?

With the rapid development of the electronics industry recently, more and more online PCB prototype companies arise, which directly leads to the soaring competitiveness of the electronics industry. in the meanwhile, many enterprises even reduce their prices without hesitation in order to attract more customers, which drives down the price of PCB lower and lower. However, there is no doubt that this is a wonderful news for consumers. Therefore, will customers  consider the company that can offer the most cost-effective service; instead of worrying about the price when they are choosing the most suitable vendor partner?

PCBWay a highly acclaimed PCB manufacturer in China because of their high quality PCB and perfect service which has won wide reputation all over the world. Here are 6 reasons why ..  URL - https://www.pcbway.com/

Six reasons why PCBWay is the best PCB manufacturer

One - PCB prototype price is like $5 for 10 pcs

The goal of PCBWay is "Better, Faster, Cheaper". In order to give support to many electronic enthusiasts who want to build projects but do not have enough money, PCBWay is the first manufacturer who gives them at a low price and announces that PCB prototype’s price will drop to $5/10pcs.

PCBWay is Better, Faster,

Actually PCB prototype’s price of PCBWay will sometimes even be $ 0 when the new registrants pay for their orders by using the special coupon which PCBWay designs for customers. What’s more, the prices of stencils and even different kinds of solder masks; both only need just $10. Last but not the least, the delivery time of PCBWay is only 2-3 days which is the most efficient all over the electronic industry.

Two - High-quality Raw Material of PCBWay

Unlike some PCB manufacturers who use low-quality conductive adhesive materials, PCBWay always insists on quality first; so they usually purchase better quality raw materials to make PCBs in order to give the best PCBs to customers.

            Raw Material of PCBWay

For details refer to “Refuse conductive adhesive technology in PCB manufacture

As we all know, different raw materials can cause a huge gap in quality, which might influence the functions of PCBs and even lead to more serious consequences. Therefore, some professional quality inspection agencies will regularly spot check the PCB quality (such as the thickness of copper, the anomaly detection of components, the signal reaction and so on) produced by various manufacturers and from the current results, the PCB quality produced by PCBWay is better than that of many other manufacturers.

Three - Keep track of PCB production progress

PCBWay Background System - Are you curious about your PCB production status after you place the order? Nowadays, most companies don't support such services where customers can keep track of the production process progress. PCBWay had realized that requirement and created what is known as the "PCBWay background system". Customers can now see the progress of the PCB production and also track the express number after the shipment.

            background system

Four - Share your PCB designs

PCBWay community - PCBWay always supports the development of open-source community and ever sponsored the 2017 Open Source Hardware Summit. In order to help electronic enthusiasts communicate with each other better, PCBWay provides a special platform - “PCBWay community”. Here the electronic enthusiasts can share their PCB designs and vote the PCB designs that they prefer most. If someone likes your design and even places an order, you can get 10% commission.

PCBWay community

Five - PCBWay sponsorship for your Project

Non-Profit Projects - Considering a large proportion of electronics enthusiasts are students or beginners, PCBWay has created dedicated channels for sponsorship to encourage these electronics enthusiasts to create their own projects. PCBWay has sponsored more than 1000 projects so far which include robots, rockets, racing cars and so on. PCBWay has also sponsored Makerfaire, SHA2017 and other activities.

PCBWay sponsorship for your
              Non-profit Project

Six - Perfect After-sales Service of PCBWay

The perfect After-sales service is the most prominent feature service of PCBWay. Have you have ever dealt with after-sales issues with some companies that might have left you frustrated; these companies always shirk responsibility and do nothing when they finish their sales assignments.

            After-sales Service of PCBWay

While PCBWay will never neglect a customer, you will find an after-sales service channel on PCBWay background system. if you are not satisfied with the PCB quality or service, you can file a complaint directly in the background system and the After-sales team will respond within 24 hours. After confirming the problem, they will refund or redo the order just for you, it is their responsibility. Their After-sales service shows that they are really a responsible company, just like Amazon in the PCB field.


Above all, if you need PCB prototype service, just try PCBWay. PCBWay will continue to improve its production capacities and bring more surprises to us.


Just like PCB business, PCBA services also specialize in prototyping and small-volume production, making PCBWay the one-stop destination of boards fabrication and assembly. This arrangement makes your R&D work easy and time-saving. 


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