Payment Methods

Please check your mail for the Payment Methods and Amount to be paid. Full Details in Email.

Bank Transfer - Send money from your Bank to our Account by Online Money Transfer.

Cheque by Courier - Send a Crossed Cheque or Demand Draft as detailed in the Email. 

PayPal - Send money from your PayPal Account.

Other Methods

COD - Cash on Delivery - Pay Cash or Make Payment when the Product is delivered to you. Simple and Time Tested.

POD - Pay on Delivery - Similar to Above, after the product is brought at your Doorstep; make Payment by Card or Cash.

PAC-MAN - Pay And Collect Man, Message the Seller or Firm; Visit them, Collect Product and Pay in the way they request.

These conventional payment methods reduce much of the Anxiety or Frustration because you pay only when the Product has Arrived at your gate. You could always make first time Transaction on COD or POD to verify the Seller and check Delivery Times.

PAC-MAN method

Even though this method was in use since the ancient times, It is still an Innovation of delabs to re-infuse this concept to make Buying and Selling, easy and safe online. You could visit the Shop or Firm after messaging them an order. Then inspect the product, learn how to use it and Pay by Cash, Card or Cheque. When product fails or needs repair; you can message them from here, visit the Location and get it fixed; or wait for the Field Service. You could also integrate Barter into this method; Example - Swap your old seasoned Anvil for a new precision Lathe to make Nuts-n-Bolts, both parties are happy!


delabs does not support Smartphone App based financial transactions as they are not Private and Secure. Use a Laptop and Browser and create a dedicated User Account for such transactions.

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